Elva - Winter Sun [LP]

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Elva is the new project of Allo, Darlin’s Elizabeth Morris and Ola

Innset, ofthe NorwegianbandsMakingMarksandSunturns. Winter

Sun was recorded in the Autumn of 2018 in an old school house in

the Swedish forest, during moose hunting season. Meaning “The

River” in Norwegian, Elva take their inspiration from the natural

world, the beauty of the Scandinavian summer and the harshness

of the winter. Several of the songs on the album are tellingly inspired

by the birth of Elizabeth and Ola’s daughter. Some might feel the

album is sonically most similar to the Allo, Darlin’ album Europe

(2012), thanks in part to the lush string arrangements courtesy of

long-time Allo, Darlin’ collaborator Dan Mayfield on violin and cellist

Ofelia Østrem Ossum. Michael Collins, who played drums in Allo,

Darlin’, recorded and produced the album, building on work he

has done in recent years with artists like Metronomy and Girl Ray.

Diego Ivars on bass and Jørgen Nordby on drums round out the

band. The sonic palate of the record is detailed and delicate, with

a mix of acoustic and distorted guitars, vintage keyboards, strings,

and intricate vocal harmonies. Lyrically and melodically, the album

showcases the depth of both Morris and Innset’s songwriting. At

times recalling the gentleness and screech of American indie bands

like Yo La Tengo, at other times the country-tinged heartbreak of

Linda Ronstadt or Laura Veirs, Winter Sun is something of its own: a

rich combination of