Sebadoh - Act Surprised [LTD LP] (White vinyl)

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Indie-rock pioneers Sebadoh return with their first new studio album in more than six years Act Surprised.

Act Surprised continues the soulful collaboration that’s defined the band since 1991’s Sebadoh III and 1994’s Bakesale. The

new batch of songs reaffirms how vital the creative partnership is between members Barlow, Jason Loewenstein, and Bob


When Barlow recently moved back to his home state of Massachusetts following a series of personal changes, he pressed

the restart button and, in time, felt the incentive to reach out to Jason and Bob again to reunite and start work on a new

album. The trio convened and began recording in their original stomping grounds in Northampton, MA where they first

formed back in 1988. Along with producer/sound engineer Justin Pizzoferatto, Sebadoh have delivered one of the best

records of their career. Act Surprised is a 15-song collection that’s as dynamic and visceral as anything the band has ever

committed to tape.


01) phantom

02) celebrate the void

03) follow the breath

04) medicate

05) see-saw

06) vacation

07) stunned

08) fool

09) raging river

10) sunshine

11) act surprised

12) battery

13) belief

14) leap year

15) Reykjavik