Whitesnake - The Rock Album [LTD 2xLP] (White vinyl)

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Release 19. juni 2020

This is a brand new compilation of Whitesnake’s very best rock songs. Each track is newly remixed. “Always The Same” is a previously unreleased new song, exclusive to this release.

Side A

1. “Still Of The Night”

2. “Best Years”

3. “Tell Me How”

4. “Love Ain’t No Stranger”

Side B

1. “All Or Nothing”

2. “Give Me All Your Love”

3. “Can You Hear the Wind Blow”

4. “Restless Heart”

Side C

1. “Anything You Want”

2. “Here I Go Again”

3. “Judgement Day”

4. “She Give Me”

Side D

1. “Crying”

2. “Can’t Stop Now”

3. “Always The Same”*

4. “Forevermore”

* previously unreleased